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News from last ReCOMed meetings in Greece

The 2014 General Assembly was held in Greece, Kalamata and Koroni, on June 20-21, 2014 11 countries on 13 were present. Delegates discussed ongoing projects, including the website, very soon to be implemented with the Mediterranean Food Blog Platform. Regarding future projects, by November 2014 a Mediterrnanean Food Blogger Contest will be organized - to be within Imperia Mediterranean Diet Forum - and a Scientific Committee has been created to work on 5 thematic areas related to Mediterranean Diet, first results will be presented during November 2014 Forum, final result during the interntional EXPO 2015, in Milan. SAVE THE DATE: [...]

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16th November 2013, Imperia

The Network met in Imperia, for the third Forum on the Mediterranean Diet, to plan more incisive action as the Universal Expo of Milan in 2015 approaches. The positive effects of working together in the field of enhancing the Mediterranean olive oil culture are highlighted: in fact, all the representatives of member countries, with each respective government, were asked to support the UNESCO candidacy for the olive cultivation areas of the Mediterranean. The aim is to involve the countries of the Network directly, in the initiative launched in Italy by the National Association of Olive Oil Towns: a wide and [...]

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23rd May 2013 Rome

The Network adheres to a protocol of intent with ONAOO (National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters), the oldest school in the world of this kind. The Protocol of intent with the ONAOO represents an occasion which every country should grasp in partnership with its National Association. The intention is in fact to create joint ventures with national partners so that potential participants on courses will find the programmes really interesting and different from competing agencies at a national level. Another important theme is the possible extension of the Network, seeing that Palestine, represented by Vera Baboun, mayoress of Bethlehem, has [...]

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16th November 2012. Board of Directors’ meeting, Imperia

The Network grows, with the entrance of Lebanon, the 13th country to sign the Statute. The representatives of the Network of Olive Oil towns of the Mediterranean (Re.C.O.Med) met to discuss the olive-cultivating areas, which last November was invested by the Network’s members with the candidacy to become a UNESCO Immaterial Patrimony of Humanity. The delegations put forward their reflections on the promotion of the cultural patrimony of the olive and local tourism focusing on this plant and its products. An analysis of data showing increasing abandonment of olive-cultivation areas and the consequent repercussions on the hydrologic and geologic balance [...]

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For the countries on the edges of the Mediterranean, oil is history, culture, tradition. A patrimony which is part of our being and on which UNESCO has chosen to bestow the mark of Patrimony of Humanity. Here is the opportunity to marry together development and work without sacrificing our roots. Under the aegis of the Mediterranean Diet, extra-virgin olive oil and the typical high-quality products from the olive must be the engine to pull the Mediterranean Countries and become a testimonial of quality tourism.

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Not only in Italy, but also in all the other countries around the Mediterranean, the olive-growing areas are a patrimony of inestimable value to be protected both because of its contribution to agriculture, and also because of the centuries-old culture represented by them. The territories, townspeople and olive growers are all in dire need of strategies to be put in place immediately to protect, promote and enhance the value of this countryside and its way of life, by giving them the necessary instruments to allow them to preserve and improve it. If it becomes a generator of income, a marketing [...]

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The term “diet” derives from the Greek for “lifestyle”, that is all those practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, abilities, and cultural spaces with which, over the centuries, the Mediterranean peoples created a synthesis between the cultural environment, social organization, the universe of myth and religion around food and eating. So the Mediterranean Diet has within itself a meaning that goes beyond the commercial value of each product; it is a lifestyle that brings peoples together. This is the reason why the symbol of the Mediterranean Diet may become the common theme and reference for the global shop window at EXPO 2015. [...]

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“The Mediterranean Diet as an Immaterial Patrimony of Humanity represents a unique possibility to generate wealth in the rural world, with regard both to food and production. This important award allows us to claim the Mediterranean lifestyle, that marvellous example of natural and cultural contamination, as a world-class excellence. The UNESCO award will undoubtedly bring new energy to this sector of the economy by giving extra value to the products of the Mediterranean and by stimulating the transmission of knowledge of how to obtain, cook and share them. Connections to the territory could also be reinforced by implementing sustainable growth [...]

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February 2013. CDA Meknès

The Network returns to Morocco for the Journées Mediterranéennes de l’Olivier. Following the positive experience of 2012, the Network’s Board of Directors met on Tuesday 26th February in Meknès to arrange a series of important events and strategies aimed at shaping and making more concrete the mission undertaken by the 13 member countries with extremely clear intentions: the preservation and enhancement of the patrimony of olive cultivation and the production of olive oil; supporting the origin and typical aspects of local production; the knowledge of this culture and the scientific, human and promotional aspects; the development of tourism linked to [...]

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The first general Assembly in Meknès

The first General Assembly of the Network took place in Meknès in April 2012. The guidelines of the network are laid down: the need for a logo to identify the Network unequivocally and to establish an annual fee to make funds available for concrete initiatives. The meeting, chaired by Enrico Lupi, chairman of the Network and of the Italian National Association of Olive Oil Towns, was attended by the delegates Salvador Cubero (Spain), Mardoche Devico (Morocco), Bahattin Gokdemir (Turkey), Aleksander Krt (Croatia). Also present were: Ahmed Hilal, mayor of Meknès, Noureddine Ouazzani, Director of Agro Pole Olivier, Alvaro Gonzalez Coloma, [...]

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