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The situation of olive production sector in Albania

Surface olive trees on agriculture land is 5.9%.
Actual production capacity of 56.1 thousand tons of olive average, 12 thousand tons of oil
Number of olives per capita 1,5.
Consumption of olive oil 2-3 liters / capita / year

The production sub-sector:
There are approximately 4000 m² for small farms with olive groves.
There is very small number of plants per hectare, nationwide average is 125 trees / ha.
Absent mechanization, high production cost by the use of the labor force.
There is a low level services (pruning, work, pest control, harvesting is delayed, etc..)
Low productivity of olives the national level is 8-9 kg / root.

Olive production development strategies are: increase of surfaces, the modernization of irrigation system, protection against parasites, increase the quantity and quality of olive oil extra-virgin.

Rehabilitation of existing olive groves:
For repeated renewal of 10,000 crowns Ha
Tweak and replanting of 1,700 Ha
Improvement of the through olive groves: pruning, land management and best practices, improved mechanization and control of diseases and pests.
Surface with new olive trees together with existing totals about 100 thousand ha or 14.4% of total agricultural land in the country.

Map of distribution of oil cultivars destination:


Map of distribution of olive production in Albania.


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