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The Croatian Cities of olive oil / Udruga Gradova maslinovog ulja Hrvatske

The traditional historical recognition of these lands, oriented towards the olive cultivation and the olive oil production, has necessarily led to new partnership, with the aim to share knowledge and information, to develop the olive oil sector.

The main aims of the Croatian Cities of olive and of Extra virgin olive oil Association (Croatian Cities of olive oil) are as follows:

  • To contribute to the promotion and growth of the olive patrimony;
  • To enhance the value of culture and the scientific, human and publicity aspects of the olive and to develop tourism in relation to the Mediterranean culture of the olive;
  • To organize activities to improve the protection and knowledge of quality extra virgin olive oil, landscape, natural, artistic, historical resources linked to the olive oil production;
  • To create the preconditions to promote, in a permanent way, the quality olive;
  • To coordinate and organize promotional, technical and cultural events linked to olive oil, publication of technical and popular documents about the olive, printing of tourist maps and teaching materials;
  • To enhance the knowledge about the olive and olive oil civilization, organizing exibitions and museum, temporary and permanent;
  • To promote events and linked initiatives, in order to share knowledge and to establish closer relations between producers and visitors of The Croatian Cities of olive oil;
  • To safeguard of the common interest of olive growers, olive oil producers, institutions and local governments;
  • To have a more technical and professional approach in the production and distribution and train professionals according to International standards and guidelines;
  • To promote the culture of the High quality Extra virgin olive oil production and consumption.


Contact person: Aleksander Krt, President

Hırvatistan Croatian Olive Oil Towns Association

Tel: + 385 052772 128


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