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Δρόμοι της Ελιάς

Routes of Culture, Sustainable Development,
Dialogue and Peace among nations and civilizations

grecia2 The Routes of the Olive tree are cultural itineraries around the theme of the olive tree, a connective element in the whole region of the Mediterranean Sea. Their activities aim at the international promotion of the history and the culture of this precious tree, in favor of the olive growing areas. They act as a “bridge” that starts from the Mediterranean and extends to the whole World, spreading the Olive Tree messages and encouraging communication, cooperation and exchanges.

grecia1The Routes of the Olive tree were created in 1998, on an initiative of Giorgos Karabatos, at the time president of the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kalamata, Greece, and a group of friends of the olive tree and the motorcycle. They set off from Pylos, where the first ideogram of the olive tree was discovered, and became the founders of the Cultural Foundation of the Routes of the Olive Tree, seated in Kalamata, Greece. The activities of the Foundation are implemented by a scientific team of experts, in cooperation with chambers and other bodies in the Mediterranean and European countries.


Since 1998, a great number of activities has been realized or scheduled in many parts of the world: missions for the discovery or the promotion of the olive tree civilization, exhibitions, cultural and commercial meetings, contests, conferences, etc., as well as interesting publications on the history, the symbolism and the importance of the olive tree and the nutritional value of its products.

International Recognition

The Routes of the Olive Tree are developed under the emblem of the olive tree, which symbolizes peace, prosperity and common people’s struggle against the loneliness caused by everyday life and the fear of the “other”. The Organization was recognized by UNESCO as a “Worldwide Cultural Route” in 2003 and by the Council of Europe as a “Great European Cultural Route” in 2006.


Contact person: George Karampatos, President

Cultural Foundation “The Routes Of The Olive Tree”

Tel: +30 2721095620


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