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loghi_israeleThe Israeli Olive Oil division is a public organization, led by the olive growers, the olive industry and the government. The vision of the Israeli Olive Oil division is to improve production methods, product quality, increase public awareness to the superb attributes of the Olive Oil and increase demand and consumption while monitoring quality. The Israeli Olive Oil division is dedicated to establish customers confidence in the product through assiring the authenticity and correct labeling of all olive oils.

In Israel the oldest olive orchards still operate and and produce alongside with Israel being a center for research and development of new agronomic approaches to combat disease, water shortage and modern harvest.

The Israeli Olive Oil division continuously invests in the promotion of the ‘olive culture’, and the use of olive oil in as many uses. We aim to enhance the sustainability while guaranteeing good and economic production in the traditional olive industry.

The Israeli Olive Oil division lead and participate in annual festivals and events, to reach out and increase awareness of all sectors. Our efforts are directed to families but also to the young generations. Olives, Olive oil and its use form the basis of Israel tradition as well as the sustainable future of our environment and agriculture.

Contact person: Adi Naali,  General Manager

The Israeli Olive Oil division, Hanania Farm Havat Hanania