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italy2The national Olive Oil Association: a context of more than 350 members

The national Olive Oil Towns Association has its headquarters in Villa Parigini, in the Municipality of Monteriggioni.

Founded in Larino (Campobasso province) in December 1994, the Association includes Mountain Communities, Commerce Chambers, Provinces and Municipalities as members which do present a high olive oil based heritage and which do operate to promote extra virgin olive oil as one of the main products of agricultural, gastronomic and cultural tradition of Italy in order to enhance its production territories.

More in detail, the Association aims principally, among several objectives, at divulging the olive and the olive oil quality culture, preserving and promoting environment and landscape linked to olive trees, spreading history related to the olive oil production, guaranteeing consumers thanks to enhancement of denominations of origin, the organization of events, the actualization of communication and marketing strategies which aim at the spreading of knowledge on the big Italian heritage linked to olive trees and olive oil production.


Contact person: Enrico Lupi, President

Italian National Olive Oil Association

Tel: +39  0577 329109


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