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General information about the association

montenegro_logoNGO, Founded 2003. Registered in Tivat

Members: statistically, more than 700, currently enrolled 638 (300 active) members in Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Budva, Podgorica, Bar and other countries (from Serbia 12; Russia 6; Croatia 4; England 3; France 1; Canada 1; Slovenia 1)

The vision: Return of olive to Boka and Boka to olive

The objectives: the revival and increase the general number of olive trees (although such was in the second half of 18th Century, when there were a million olive trees in costal part of Monte Negro) oil production and rural development, preventing the devastation of agricultural lands and conversion of the building, Mediterranean landscape, tradition and life style preservation.

Issue: encouraging, participating (technical assistance), supporting the Extra virgin olive oil and healthy food production, transferring the information, knowledge, trade show appearance, new jobs (rural tourism) creation, connecting the producers, countryside people, relevant institutions…

Cooperation with municipalities, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, other institutions (Biotechnical Faculty, University of Belgrade, University of Bari, Oliveti d’Italia, Assoproli, COI, NGOs in country and abroad, Olive producers Associations in country and abroad, linked to other NGOs with the equal interests and the members of ReCOMed…


Contact person: Vesna Djukic , Executive Director

Maslinarsko Društvo “B O K A” Boka Kotorska

Tel: +385 067 201 732


Official website:

For more information on our territory: tivat_na_dlanu