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Different olive growers associations have been established in these areas, which bring together businesses, producers and enthusiasts of the olive sector:

–          Association of Olive Producers  from  Slovenska Istra- DOSI

–          Brda Olive Growers Association – DOB)

–          Goriška Olive Growing Association – GOD

–          Štorta  Olive Growing Association – ŠTORTA


The Brda Olive Growers Association – DOB

The Brda Olive Growers Association was founded in 1998 and today has 245 members. Olive growing has always occurred in the Brda regions, but following a serious frost in 1929 it almost died out. In 1978, olive trees made a comeback, when the real pioneer Bruno Podveršič planted the first olive tree grove and by doing so breathed new life into the forgotten tradition of olive growing. Only a few years later, his work led to large-scale planting of olive trees, not just in Brda, but also in the Gorizia regions. Bruno Podveršič was also the Association’s first President. The Association is involved in the cross-border UE-LI-JE project and in 2005 it brought its professional, expert advice to help create the first production facility for olive oil in the Gorizia Hills. Nowadays, the Association is still a planning partner of the UE-LI-JE II project. The Gorizia Hills represent the most northerly region where olive trees still thrive. They have two indigenous species known as “črnica” and “drobnica”. In particular, the črnica cultivar regularly wins the highest awards for its oils at international competitions (Maslina, Nočnjak and A.I.P.O.). The Association covers an important role in the promotion of olive growing. Therefore, extra virgin olive oil from Brda has already become a well-known product of our regions.


The Goriška Olive Growing Association – GOD

This Association is an amateur organisation and combines members from the regions of Gorizia, the Karst Plateau and the Vipava Valley (182 members).