Olive Growing in Slovenia

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Slovenia  is situated at the crossroads between continental Europe and the Mediterranean, where olive growing has been present for thousands of years. Fossil traces of olive cultivation date back to the 4th century B.C. Since then this cultivation has never been abandoned and it reached the maximm peak between 17 th and 18 th century, when there were over 300.000 olive trees. Unfortunately, olive cultivation started to decline, especially after disastrous 1929 frost that caused massive damage to olive grovers. It has been a turnaround after 1985.


  • slovenia3Istrska belica:

    • the most extended and  domesticated   variety (63 %)
    • used for oil production
    • partial curved leaves -lanceolate shape
    • late ripening
    • green medium-sized fruits
    • well tolerated low temperature
    • sensitive on attacks of Bactrocera olea and Cicloconium oleaginum (peacock eye)
  • slovenia2Štorta:
    • autochthon variety
    • early ripening, picking in October
    • medium-sized fruits, oblongness curved
    • sensitive on attacks of Bactrocera oleae