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logo_transIn October 1996 was the first briefing with small and medium towns of different regions  who expressed interest in consolidation and establishment of a Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities that provide a platform to group interests and efforts to actually took place to have a space and tools for reflection and strategic analysis that would help make decisions and proposals and joint lines of action , around the Olive Culture. In December 13th , 1996 the Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO) was established in Olvera ( Cádiz) , an act which was endorsed by 36 municipalities and 4 provincial assemblies . They were based on the following assumptions :

A. – The Olive Tree is a key in the configuration of economic , cultural and sociological development of many towns in Spain, conditioning from the urban and landscape profile to structuring the labor market, or cultural fact. To a large extent it can be argued that Olive Culture even allows the ecological balance in many areas that would otherwise find it difficult to preserve .

B. – This common denominator , factor in all our business requires , join forces to enable the preservation and promotion of our condition of olive populations , strengthening them with complementary activities that generate greater maintain balance and personality that the condition is printed in our communities.

C. – We are aware of the need to coordinate the demonstration of this fact answers. Moreover, in a situation where regionalization and globalization of the economy affects all sectors of production, and we want to make the statement from the local as essential motor shaft and the integral development of our communities.

Currently 150 municipalities are part of AEMO, 9 Provincial Councils , 1 District Councils, 1 Regulators Consortium of Designation of Origin , all present in 7 Autonomous Communities.

The President of the Association is currently Ms Maria Luísa Ceballos , President of the Diputación of Cordoba.


Contact person: José Maria Penco

AEMO, Spanish Association of Oilve Oil Towns

Tel: +34 957325313


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