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Didim, one of the two centres of tourism in the Aydın province, is a place where nature and history come together. Didim, with its striking natural beauty and historical sites, is visited frequently by domestic and international tourists all year round. Didim was a small town in the 1960’s and grew to become a district centre in 1991. Didim experienced significant development and population growth as the tourism sector developed. Economic activities in the district revolve around agriculture and tourism. Didim is well known for tourism but also boasts significant agricultural lands, including 3,500 hectares of cotton plantations, 4.250 hectares of cereals and 1.000.000 olive trees. Although the district is suitable for all types of agricultural production, the production of fruit and vegetables for daily consumption is the foremost economic activity.

The agricultural status of the Didim district:

Agricultural Status:

  1. Agricultural Lands (Hectares)   24.224
    Planted Lands                                 11.942
    Pastures and Meadows                 5.273
    Unplanted Lands                           2.549
    Lakes and Marshlands                  1.478
    Forest Lands                                   300
  2. Animal Husbandry
    Cattle                                      3.200
    Sheep                                      7.500
    Goats                                      4.000
    Poultry                                   165.000 (including broilers)
    Beehives                                 1.275 (technical)

turchia_sitoContact person: Bahattin Gökdemir, President

Chamber of agriculture of Didim

Tel: +256 811 57 21

E-mail: bahattin_gokdemir@hotmail.com; didimziraatodasi@hotmail.com

Official website: www.didimziraatodasi.org.tr