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In the scope of the Chambers of Agriculture and Union of Chambers of Agriculture Law dated 15/5/1957 no. 6964, the Didim Chamber of Agriculture was established in 2001 under the leadership of Mr Yılmaz Öz and with the participations of Mr Bahattin Gökdemir, Mr İbrahim Şam, Mr Ahmet Çetin, Mr Osman Dündar, Mr Arif Manav, Mr İsmet Başboğar, Mr Hüseyin Örekçi, Mr Mehmet Emin Dönder (In Memoriam), Mr Rıdvan Gökçe, Mr Mehmet Engil, Mr Mehmet Yılmaz, Mr Himmet Aydın and Mr Süleyman Bilgin in order to provide guidance to farmers, to increase the quality and efficiency of production and to strengthen the economy.

Since being established, the Didim Chamber of Agriculture has been monitoring technological and scientific developments in the field of agriculture and shares this information with farmers. The Chamber of Agriculture carries out activities to ensure that olive production is performed according to scientific observations and agricultural production is efficient, creating added value, environmentally sensitive and sustainable.

The “Green Belt” project in particular, designed to ensure the effective use of regional resources to increase agricultural production and to protect the green areas, the lungs and oxygen source of Didim, which is becoming more and more built up, and to protect the natural beauty and environment of the region, was very successful. Furthermore, the planting, insecticide application and pruning of olive trees and the production of high quality olive oil and salted olive have been regulated. These activities were carried out with the support of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Universities and the Izmir Olive Research Institute. Certified trainings have also been conducted regarding the production of high quality olive oil and issues encountered, with the contributions of the Aydın Commercial Exchange, the Söke Commercial Exchange and the Aydın Provincial Directorate of Agriculture.

Didim is home to 3 olive oil factories. Two of these factories were established with state support in the scope of a rural development project, while the other was established by a private investor. 3,500 hectares of land in Didim is irrigated from the Menderes River. With the construction of the Çine Dam, our land is now safe from the risk of flooding and agricultural activities are continuing in an effective fashion.

The Didim Chamber of Agriculture continues to work in the field of agriculture, providing informative trainings to local farmers and monitoring the latest developments in the international arena.