Here is another participant to our Food Blogger Contest “A menu for the Mediterranean Diet” II edition: in fact there are two: Anna and Giovanna from Vimercate/ITALY.

Let’s read their own words:

We are Anna Giudice and Giovanna Lombardi. We live near Milano. Our blog Cuoche Clandestine is published in Italian, English and Spanish. We are proposing a three courses menu which includes typical Mediterranean ingredients.
The first one is a Southern Italy recipe, traditionally made on Christmas Eve. The escarole is a neutral and light vegetable, enriched with pine nuts, raisins, anchovies, olives and so on.
The second recipe is a “piatto unico” because it provides meat and cereals. In one dish you have lamb, braised in red wine, and a light cous cous with various vegetables. Spices are also very important in this dish.
The dessert is made with strawberries and pistachios, a classic ice cream combination, but we are going to propose you this couple in a creamy consistency. Fresh, light and tasty.
We wish you will enjoy.

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Their Mediterranean Diet menu foresees 3 food recipes:


In this recipe we wanted to experiment a low fat and low sugar dessert, based on fresh season fruit. We have got a very fresh dessert, light, delicious and perfect for summer. Two consistencies: the firmness of the gelatine and the smoothness of the mousse. If you are not on a diet, you can substitute milk and yogurt with cream. You will get a less light but more creamy dessert…


200 g strawberries

100 g sugar

9 grams gelatine or one sheet and a half

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

30 g pistachios

100 g milk

100 g low fat yogurt

half vanilla pod


1) Soften a sheet of gelatine (6 grams) by soaking into cold water for about ten minutes. Wash and drain the strawberries, then mix them with a blender, just like you were preparing a smoothie. Sift the smoothie in order to remove all the seeds. Add lemon juice.

2) Place the third part of the strawberries smoothie in a sauce pan and heat a bit (it must not boil!). When warm, turn off the heat, add 50 g of sugar and mix until it dissolves. Add the squeezed gelatine and mix until it dissolves. Add this mix to the rest of the strawberries smoothie and combine well. Equally divide the strawberries into the glasses and place them into a container in order to get the tilt effect. We used a muffin tin: it worked great! Place the shots into the fridge to set down for a couple of hours. If you are not interested to the “tilt effect”, you can just layer the jelly and the mousse.

3) When the strawberries jelly is ready, prepare the pistachios mousse. Place the remaining gelatine sheet into the cold water. Warm up the milk adding the vanilla seeds and 50 g of sugar. Combine to dissolve sugar. Turn off the heat and add the squeezed gelatine; combine to dissolve. Set aside to cool down at room temperature

4) Place the pistachios and the yogurt into a glass blender and mix until you get a thick cream. Add it to the room temperature milk: combine well, then pour into the glasses with the strawberries jelly. Put in the fridge 3/4 hours at least before serving. This dessert is perfect to be freezed: when you want to serve it, take out of the freezer one hour before eating and it will be ok. Enjoy!