SIRLEY KASTON RECIPE2: Navy Bean Puree with Steamed Vegetables

Here is another participant to our Food Blogger Contest “A menu for the Mediterranean Diet” II edition: Sirley Kaston from Instanbul/TURKEY. In fact we had many food blogger from Turkey this year: thanks to our Turkish partner!

According to the Contest Regulations, each food blogger should have proposed a menu made by 3 recipes, to reinterpret in an original manner a “Mediterranean style” convivial meal:
FIRST RECIPE: Appetizer or first course including vegetables among ingredients;
SECOND RECIPE: second or main course;
THIRD RECIPE: dessert based on fruit.
That is to say that recipes needed to be inspired from the principles and values belonging to the Mediterranean Diet, recognized Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage on November 16, 2010 and realized with the ingredients composing the Mediterranean diet food pyramid created by Ancel Keys. Recipes have also to contain extra virgin olive oil coming from at least one of RECOMED countries.
Sirley’s Mediterranean Diet menu foresees 3 recipes:
• Bloody Greek Mary, suggested combined with tamarind sherbet
Navy Bean Puree with Steamed Vegetables, suggested with a White wine like Narince
Honey and Bee Pollen, suggested with a cortado with a semi-sweet coffee bean


200 gr Navy Beans

800 gr water

50 gr shallot

5 gr salt and 5 gr grounded black pepper

15 gr pea

15 gr string beans

10 gr horseradish

30 gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil with low acidity

10 gr lemon juice

5 gr pomegranate molasses

40 gr squash

100 gr beets



Soak the navy beans in warm water overnight.

Boil the navy beans with shallot, salt and black pepper for an hour until they are tender.

Don’t throw the water, we can use it for the puree. Blend the whole ingredients with a blender.

Steam the vegetables, season it with salt and pepper.

Marinate the horseradish with lemon juice and EVOO. Cover the beet with aluminum foil and bake it for an hour at 200 C Degree. Cool it and peel. Cut long segments.

Put the puree at he bottom, vegetables on top and the radishes on the side. Drizzle some pomegranate molasses and EVOO.